Insure Your Earnings Power Calculator

Most of us make sure that our homes, cars and belongings are insured and that our loved ones are protected with life insurance. But one of your most valuable assets, the ability to earn income, adequately insured?

Disability insurance offers you protection against the possibility that you may not be able to meet your financial obligations due to accident or illness. Without disability insurance, you may have to find other sources of income to replace your lost earnings due to the disability. While you may have some coverage through a group insurance plan at work, it may not be adequate enough. Government programs are available, but you may not qualify for certain benefits. Tapping into your emergency savings and investments provides a short-term solution only and erodes your retirement fund. With no income, a bank is unlikely lend you any money. Given these alternatives, the most viable solution for a long-term disability may be a disability insurance that meets your short and long term financial goals.

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