Investment Calculators

A Tale of Two 401ks Calculator A Tale of Two 401ks Calculator - This calculator lets you explore four basic strategies to help you enhance the growth of your 401k. Each strategy on its own can make a significant impact, but combining all four has even a greater impact: (1) Increase your annual contribution: you should contribute as much as possible in each of your working years; (2) Start contributing early in life: contributing early in you career, even if you start ... Find Out More

Become a Millionaire Calculator Become a Millionaire Calculator - Becoming a millionaire seems like an unattainable goal to most of us. But if you set financial goals, start investing early, apply sound investment and portfolio principles and let time and compounding do their work, it may not be as difficult as it sounds. Since we all know that a million dollars today will not be worth the same as a million dollars tomorrow, there are two sets of ... Find Out More

Cost of Investing Delay Calculator Cost of Investing Delay Calculator - Procrastination ranks high on the list of reasons why people do not achieve their financial goals. Whether through lack of information, fear of making a wrong decision, or waiting for the time to be right, procrastination wastes valuable time in which your money could be working to achieve financial success. In short, procrastination costs. Every year of delay dramatically reduces the size of your retirement savings, or makes your ... Find Out More

Diversification and Bear Markets Calculator Diversification and Bear Markets Calculator - This calculator illustrates the importance of being diversified during bear markets. It compares the performance of a 100% stock portfolio to a diversified portfolio allocated between stocks, bonds and cash during any of the seven bear markets between 1968 and 2002. Allocating your investments among the three main asset classes - stocks, bonds and cash - is an effective way to deal with market risk. Trying to predict which ... Find Out More

Diversification and Bull Markets Calculator Diversification and Bull Markets Calculator - Allocating your investments among the three main asset classes - stocks, bonds and cash - is an effective way to deal with market risk. Trying to predict which asset class will be the best performer each year is difficult because each class responds differently to changes in the economy or investment market place. When the market in one asset class is declining, its likely that another class is on ... Find Out More

Effect of Inflation on Income Calculator Effect of Inflation on Income Calculator - Inflation eats into and erodes our purchasing power on a continuing basis. The cost of living keeps going up so that we need more money each year just to stay even. An important factor in retirement planning is to determine how much income you will need to maintain a comfortable, secure lifestyle during your retirement years. Since inflation and the cost of living goes up each year, it is ... Find Out More

Future Value Investment Calculator Future Value Investment Calculator - This calculator lets you make a side-by-side comparison of three different future value scenarios. Use this calculator to project the future value of your investments or retirement accounts. You can enter the existing value of an investment along with ongoing regular deposits, whether they are made monthly or annually. These periodic deposits can be increased each year to reflect inflation. ... Find Out More

Higher Return Investment Calculator Higher Return Investment Calculator - A 1% or 2% difference between two rates of return may seem insignificant at first glance. The reality is that this difference can have a major impact on the final value of your investment or retirement fund, especially over the long term. Keeping your money in a "no risk" investment may keep your money safe, but it may increase the risk of not having enough money to meet your ... Find Out More

Insure Your Earnings Power Calculator Insure Your Earnings Power Calculator - Most of us make sure that our homes, cars and belongings are insured and that our loved ones are protected with life insurance. But one of your most valuable assets, the ability to earn income, adequately insured?

Disability insurance offers you protection against the possibility that you may not be able to meet your financial obligations due to accident or illness. Without disability insurance, you may have to ... Find Out More

MER vs Investment Returns Calculator MER vs Investment Returns Calculator - This calculator compares the effect of the management expense ratio (MER) on the investment performance of two hypothetical mutual funds. The MER is charged by a fund company before any returns are paid-out to the investors. The MER includes the portfolio manager's compensation and other expensed associated with running the fund. The fees vary by fund company and fund type, withe the lowest fees generally charged by money market and ... Find Out More

Pay Down Debt or Invest Calculator Pay Down Debt or Invest Calculator - If you have some extra cash you may wonder if its better to invest the money or use it to pay off debt you already owe. This calculator compares the future the future value of an investment to the future impact of using the extra cash to pay down a current debt. Paying down a debt that has higher interest rate is generally preferable to making an investment that ... Find Out More

Pay Yourself First Calculator Pay Yourself First Calculator - This calculator will show you the incredible amount you will earn over your lifetime and the dramatic impact of setting aside a percentage of those earnings in a tax deferred retirement account. Most people have trouble setting aside money at the end of each month to invest, because daily living expenses often consume most of their paychecks. Paying yourself first - before all other expenses such as housing, food, ... Find Out More

Real Rates of Return Calculator Real Rates of Return Calculator - Building real growth into retirement savings requires paying attention to inflation, taxes and their effect on the rate of return earned by those savings. A fully taxable investment with a stated return of 5% really only earns 3% if inflation is running at 2% per year. If you are in the 30% tax income bracket, this return will be further reduced by another 1.5%, leaving you a real, after-tax ... Find Out More

Reduce Spending Calculator Reduce Spending Calculator - The cost of everyday items may seem minimal, but when you reduce your spending and invest the savings instead, you can significantly increase the amount you have available to spend in the future. This calculator computes how much you can save in a year by reducing spending in a number of areas. For example, you might reduce the amount you spend in a year on gas for car trips ... Find Out More

Savings to Reach Goal Calculator Savings to Reach Goal Calculator - In order to accumulate wealth, it is important to develop an effective long-term strategy. Investing regularly can build your savings dramatically over time. Use this calculator to compute how much you will need to invest each year starting today in order to reach your investment goals. The amount you need to invest to reach your goal will depend on the size of the goal, the number of years you ... Find Out More

Stay Invested Calculator Stay Invested Calculator - Even professional money managers who devote all their time and resources to studying markets will often miss market ups and downs. Individual investors who try to pick the best time to be in or out of the market are usually less successful than the professionals. By adopting a long-term buy and hold strategy, individual investors can avoid one of the major risks of market timing: missing the market's best ... Find Out More

Stocks vs Bonds vs Cash Investment Calculator Stocks vs Bonds vs Cash Investment Calculator - This calculator lets you compare the growth of the three major asset classes - stock, bonds and cash - using historical rates of return between 1934 and 2004. Stocks Represent ownership in a company. While stick returns generally fluctuate more than bonds or cash, they historically have provided the most potential for growth over the long-run. Bonds are loans or debt to a corporation of the government. They usually ... Find Out More

Tax Sheltered Growth Calculator Tax Sheltered Growth Calculator - Tax-sheltered investments and retirement plans such as 401(k)'s and IRA's provide significant advantage over equivalent unsheltered investments. The income you earn inside a tax sheltered investment compounds tax-free over time. However, income from unsheltered investments is taxed at your marginal tax rate (the rate at which your last dollar of income is taxed). The result is that a tax-sheltered investment will grow significantly faster than a comparable unsheltered investment. ... Find Out More

Triangle of Wealth Calculator Triangle of Wealth Calculator - Achieving your goals such as financial independence or early retirement involves tradeoffs between three components of the Triangle of Wealth: (1) Financial Goal; (2) Time to Reach the Goal and (3) Rate of Expected Return. For example, the larger your Financial Goal the more you will need to invest. If you want to reach your Financial Goal earlier, you may need to invest even more each year. Use this ... Find Out More

Will the Money Last Calculator Will the Money Last Calculator - Use this calculator to find out how long your money will last if you make regular, annual withdrawals. Compare tow scenarios side-by-side by changing the key variables. The higher the rate of return on your investments, the longer your money will last. The lower your annual income need, the longer your money will last. If you you increase the amount withdrawn each year to reflect inflation, the money will ... Find Out More